Split, a Financial Technology Startup, Wins the TAG Innovation of the Year Award

Atlanta tech startup paves the way for the future of payments

ATLANTA - February 17, 2016 - The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), one of the nation’s largest state trade organizations dedicated to technology and innovation, recently awarded Split with the FinTech Innovation of the Year Award.

The TAG FinTech Innovation Award promotes innovation in the Georgia FinTech ecosystem by recognizing and publicizing startup companies that are designing innovative technology-based solutions that have a positive impact on the FinTech market. The $50,000 cash award was voted on voted on by representatives from Worldpay, Elavon, and others and was awarded to Split under the judgment that they have the most innovative solution and hold the potential to make the most significant impact on the FinTech market.

“Once again we have brought our community together to stimulate and foster an environment of innovation in FinTech,” said Sean Banks, TAG FinTech chairman and partner at TTV Capital.

Split proved to be the most innovative and impactful company in the industry by giving restaurants the tools they need to optimize staff productivity, market effectively, and increase their bottom line all while enabling diners to take back control of their time when dining in or ordering takeout. Restaurants that have Split are able to accelerate their table-turn rate by over 10 minutes while increasing revenue and tab sizes.

“The TAG FinTech community continually elevates Atlanta’s global role in shaping the industry by showcasing payment innovation. . . We were proud to be part of such an exclusive finalist cohort and winning the award validated our role in accelerating the growth of mobile payments in the hospitality industry,” said Jimmy Patel, Split co-founder and CEO. He finished by stating, "We will continue to innovate in this space and won’t stop until we redefine the dining experience for everyone.”

Split is available for both iOS and Android users and is free to download. To learn more about Split and suggest new restaurant locations, visit PayAndSplit.com and @Split.


About the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

TAG is the leading technology industry association in the state, serving more than 30,000 members through regional chapters in Metro Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Macon/Middle Georgia and Savannah. TAG’s mission is to educate, promote, and unite Georgia’s technology community to foster an innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates and enhances a tech-based economy.

For more information visit the TAG website at www.tagonline.org or TAG’s community website at www.hubga.com.


About Split

Split, a behavior-centric customer relationship management (CRM) platform and consumer facing payment application, is an open loop solution that enables restaurants to be mobile-ready instantly, connects them to every mobile device, eliminates the payment friction that exists today, and mitigates negative online reviews. Consumers use Split by viewing, paying, and splitting their restaurant bill directly from their smartphones. When they aren’t dining in, they use the app to order ahead to avoid peak time rush or place takeout so the food is ready upon arrival.

For more information visit the Split website at www.PayAndSplit.com and socially at @Split to learn more.




Media Contact:
Deana Panza, Split 


Split winning the TAG innovation award
Split team holding the winning check.