As you know, it has been scientifically proven that it takes "forever" to close out your restaurant bill. Here at Split we say "F" that and made it our mission to end this problem that has been plaguing our society for way too long. Together we can stand up and fight against waiting, letting it be known that we will not sit back and lose minutes while our friends scribble down how many gluten free ciders they had. 

As part of our fight against waiting, we are enlisting your help. Whether you are in line for coffee, or waiting at the table to close out your bill, we encourage you to snap a quick picture, and #fwaiting to let the world know that you will not be controlled by paper receipts and card swipers. 


How to enlist

  1. Take a picture of your group, traffic, the line that you are standing in, etc.  
  2. Instagram; tag @Split while using #fwaiting.
  3. Win Cool Shit! We will be raffling prizes off every month. The more you post the more entries you will get.

What you'll win

Third Place: 3 winners will receive a deck of #TimeKiller playing cards to help you pass the time whenever you are stuck waiting.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.14.45 PM.png

Runners Up: 2 winners will receive a $25 credit to any Split location.

Grand Prize: Lucky winner will receive a pair of Braves tickets.