When dining at a restaurant

The option to open a tab will appear in the app when you arrive at a participating Split restaurant. To get started on your Split dining experience, here's what you need to do:

Paying THE Bill

  1. After you have arrived or have been seated, tap "Open Tab"
  2. Let your server know that you are paying with Split, then sit back and let the server take care of you.
  3. View your bill in the app any time after you place your order with the server.
  4. When you are ready to leave, open the app, tap "View Bill" then "Pay Bill".
  5. You're done!

Splitting the bill

  1. Whenever you are ready to leave open the app, tap "View Bill" and then tap "Split Bill"
  2. Search and select which friends you would like to add to your bill and tap "Invite Friends to Bill"
  3. Your friends with Split will receive a notification prompting them to "decline" or "accept" your request to split a payment with them. You can view their "pending" or "accepted" status from your phone
  4. Once your friends have accepted the invite your party can confirm the payment
  5. You're done!

Applying discounts

  1. Discounts work just like as if you were inviting a friend to your bill. Once you are ready to apply a discount you first tap "Invite Friends to Bill"
  2. Type that discount phrase or code into the search like you would the name of a friend and then tap "Invite to Bill"
  3. That's it

when placing an order to skip the line or takeout

When you are within 30 miles of a participating Split restaurant you can place a pickup or takeout order from your app. To begin your Split pickup experience proceed with the following steps.

  1. Select the restaurant location where you would like to place an order
  2. Select from the menu what items you would like to add to your order
  3. Tap "Place order" and confirm payment
  4. You're done! — All you have to do is make your way to the restaurant, if you aren't already there, and take your order with you. No lines, no fuss, no wait.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay through the app?

Great question! When you first launch the app and later in your settings you add a valid debit or credit card that will be associated with your Split account. This way when you go to a restaurant you never have to hand over your card or pull out your wallet.


I can't add my friends to my bill

If you are having difficulty adding friends to the bill it is usually because of the following; your friend hasn't created a Split account with a valid debit/credit card associated to their account or they are already on another tab at the restaurant. A person cannot be on multiple tabs at the same restaurant at the same time when using Split. 


Why do you need to know my location?

We use your location information to properly display restaurants that are near you. We also use location and distance detection to keep you from accidentally opening a tab at a restaurant when you are several miles away.



Yes. Split is PCI compliant, utilizes a tokenization process of your identity and card information with the assistance of payment processing partners and ensures that proper payments are made in case your phone is stolen, battery died or you accidentally forgot to pay before you left the restaurant.


Why is there a charge of $1.00 on my CREDIt/DEBIT CARD?

The initial charge that you see on your card is there for security reasons and allows us to verify the card provided is valid.  Once we validate the card information, the $1.00 charge will be removed and it will disappear from your statement within 48 hours.


How do i know what restaurants use split?

A few ways. All participating Split locations can be viewed from the app itself and those restaurants sport notifications on their entrances that they are participating Split restaurants — we'll email you from time to time as well as we add on more and more exciting places to dine!



Each restaurant gets notified in real time when Split payment as it happens. Restaurants also know if you are paying with Split or not. So rest assured if the first time you pay with Split it feels a little weird getting up and leaving.



In due time — we promise! If you'd like to help us out and speed things up you can suggest locations to us.



All receipts are emailed to the email address you have associated with your Split account. If you believe you have not received any receipts please check your "junk mail" and ensure that you have an active email associated with your Split account on the app in the Settings menu.


I have a problem with one of my payments

Please check your card information (e.g. number, zip code, expiration date) and make sure the the card is still active and valid.  If the card on file is no longer valid, simply add a valid credit card of your choice and delete the old one in the app. If it is an issue with amount please contact the restaurant with information from your receipt as your normally would in a similar situation and if your issue appears to be none of aforementioned scenarios please contact us at the "Feedback" form at the bottom of this page and we'll help you.


SO I CAN PAY WITHOUT WAITING, Great. But how else Do you improve my restaurant experience?

Well Sir or madam, we're glad you asked. When you set up your Split app we ask basic, but optional, diet and preference options. We capture your basic diet needs such as if you are a vegetarian or not so that restaurants know this tidbit of information and customize their service to you and can make better recommendations.



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