Using Mobile Payments to Improve Staff Performance

Measuring the performance of your staff is one of the hardest parts of running a restaurant, but hard data can make it a lot easier. With the technology available today, you are missing out if you're not gathering information from each transaction being made. Adopting technology, such as mobile payments, is a huge first step to easy data gathering.

Why Mobile Payments?

With mobile payments, diners can pay their bill through an app with a prompt to give you additional information. Third party sites require diners to purposely go to a website, longing, and write their review (a process usually only people with a bad restaurant experience will be motivated to do). Unlike that long-winded process, mobile payments are seamless. This results in more accurate information because one server isn't being evaluated on one interaction, but on all of their interactions in an evening. This gives you a very clear view of their performance and a full scope of the restaurant at the time. 

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Writer bio: Deana Panza writes about restaurant technology, tips, and trends for Split - a platform for mobile ordering, marketing, payments.