Technological Innovation in the Restaurant Industry: What Gadgets are Cooking in the Kitchen Now?

Much like it is within every other industry, technological innovation is changing the game in the food and beverage industry. While your guests tend to focus on menu updates and overall service quality, restaurant owners have to think about their business as a whole and what steps to take next and what technology they can invest in to bump up customer satisfaction, safety, and operational efficiency.

digital refrigeration monitoring 

Digital refrigeration monitoring is one of the ways technology is entering the industry and can help alleviate worries or concerns over food inventory and food safety. Today, automated systems can track temperatures for you, so say “so long, farewell” to manual checking. Also, employees are not readily available to monitor temperature and protect your inventory. With technology providing a 24/7 monitoring system you will be informed via push notification or email as soon as a problem occurs. Gone are the days of requiring employees to take time out of their busy schedules to keep track of temperatures in every refrigeration unit, thus amping up overall operational efficiency within your restaurant.

You may think that having a system installed like this is just an additive way to increase efficiency and prevent inventory loss, but it can also help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. This should not be overlooked as we have seen increased tightening of regulations in the food space including the recent passing of FSMA. With all the negative publicity in the news recently around restaurants and customer safety, it is only a matter of time before we see even more regulation in the restaurant industry. Always better to be proactive!

Lastly, an automated system can help prevent inventory loss, which also in turn saves an ample amount of money. Let’s say you own a steak restaurant and do not have an automated refrigeration monitoring system installed. One of your dry-aged steak coolers goes down overnight and no one was there to save the thousands of dollars worth of steak inventory. You have no choice other than to toss the inventory in order avoid the risk of customer illness or dissatisfaction. The technology is here to prevent this reoccurring problem in the restaurant industry, and at an affordable cost! Benefits include: ensuring customer safety, enhancing customer satisfaction, preventing inventory loss, and increasing operational efficiency. A more intelligent restaurant is the restaurant of the future. Seems like a simple choice.


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Writer Bio: Avery McGregor writes about the restaurant industry and the technology and innovation movements reshaping it. She writes for VeriSolutions - a company specializing in making restaurants more intelligent utilizing modern technology.