Rise to Expectations: 4 Innovative Business Hacks for Restaurants

Imagine that you own an up-and-coming restaurant in Downtown Atlanta and you're looking to find ways to stand out from all of the others on the same street. You’re planning to differentiate your establishment from the competition beyond menu items, atmosphere, and service style. These are all important things, but it’s time to think outside the box.


Publish Web Content

Leveraging the power of blog and video content on the web is a smart way to capture web traffic and convert your visitors into fans. Challenge yourself to go beyond producing content about your menu items. People will likely reference Yelp, food blogs, and other review sites to get the scoop on your food’s quality anyway. Be useful and produce content that will help the readers in a particular way. You can publish blog posts and videos that provide advice and recipes. A core benefit of publishing original content is that it fuels and differentiates your social media activity. Lastly, write and film the content with your own unique style and voice to stand out from the crowd.


Hack Your Menu

Gone are the days when you could throw together a menu on Microsoft Word and run off some copies at your local copy shop. Menu design takes a lot of thought and consideration. Now, there are menu engineers who specialize in optimizing menus for the best diner experience and restaurant profitability. They take your menu to the next level by developing clear and concise headlines, moving top items to areas of the menu that diners typically scan first, helping you to highlight the items that you want your diners to be drawn to. Canva’s Design School Blog has a thorough blog post on this restaurant menu hacking topic.


Put Payment Power in the Hands of the Diner

Accepting mobile payments adds major business value for restaurants. More patrons are becoming comfortable with the prospect of paying for their meal through a mobile app or digital wallet. Think about the potential benefits for your business ... your diners would be able to pay for their meals at anytime and split the bill among friends all from their phone(s). Mobile payments also keep your servers from having to get change for cash transactions, which eliminates human error and speeds up the transaction process. Customers are usually on their phones anyway, why not give them a reason to be? Imagine the dual benefits of reducing seating and post-meal wait times and being known as the restaurant that has mastered lowering those wait times. 



People love when businesses stand for something larger than themselves. You’re probably familiar with TOMS shoes and how they donate a pair of shoes to the needy for every pair that’s purchased. You can do this at your restaurant. Consider developing special meals that support a specific cause when they are purchased. An idea like this should be done from the goodness of your heart and not as a way to make headlines or increase sales. Initiatives that are born from a genuine care for the cause tend to have a more favorable impact.


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Writer bio: Deana Panza writes about restaurant technology, tips, and trends for Split - a platform for mobile ordering, marketing, payments.