3 Ways Dining Tech is Saving Restaurants Time and Hassle

The difference between good and great restaurants are how they manage their time, resources, and customers. Managers of great restaurants know that diners in today's fast-paced world are looking for more than just delicious food. Time is one of the most precious resources and saving just one minute with every order that's made means you can provide for more customers, resulting in a boost of revenue.

Thanks to innovations in technology and the popularity of smartphones, restaurants are able to save time by using various tech devices and services to automate routine and repetitive tasks. Given below are some of the ways you can save time in the back of the house by putting technology in the hands of your diners and staff. 


1. Empowering customers to order from their phone

Customers demand faster service and any place that is able to serve more customers in less time ends up making a larger profit. Through the app, customers avoid waiting in queue to place their order and the entire process becomes seamless. Restaurants benefit due to more orders placed per day, and customers benefit by receiving their food quickly, it's a win-win! Restaurants like Starbucks are receiving 20% of their orders through their mobile application and this number is expected to increase as their customers realize how much time they can save by jumping to the front of the line.


2. Keeping your menu digital

The menu has always been a printed copy that is given to the customer by the restaurant. Making any changes in the menu, like an alteration in price or adding new items or flavors, will require you to print new copies and dispose of the old ones. Now, many restaurants are choosing to save time, paper, and money by having their specials, beer lists, and wine menus on digital screens since they are much easier and cheaper to change. The customers are not inconvenienced in any way, in fact, they are assured the menu shows all the latest items, descriptions, and corresponding prices.



3. Accepting mobile payments

Card payments may be marketed as being hassle-free, but the truth is it usually takes more time for customers to pay using their credit card than using cash. Letting customers use a self-checkout service allows them to make their payment without sending the credit card out of their sight. Faster checkouts mean more customers can be served and less customers are in the dreaded waiting period, driving in more profits.

Integrating technology in restaurants, especially those that help customers save their time, can end up saving even more time for the restaurants themselves. And time saved by you contributes to more efficient functioning, greater profits, and improved customer satisfaction.

heck out our infographic on the topic here.


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Writer bio: Deana Panza writes about restaurant technology, tips, and trends for Split - a platform for mobile ordering, marketing, payments.