Top 4 Food Inspired Halloween Costumes

Still don't have your Halloween costume picked out? We have some homemade food-inspired costumes that should help you out last minute. Most of the materials will be laying around your house and if you do have to run to the store, don't worry, they all take less than a half hour to assemble. We can't promise you will win any costume contests but we do promise that these ideas will keep you from showing up underdressed.

Macaroni & Cheese

What you need: orange/yellow spray paint, orange/yellow clothes, styrofoam wreathes, scissors, glue gun.

1. Spray paint the wreaths and set aside to dry.

2. Once they are dry, glue them to your clothes.

3. Put your clothes on and feel extra cheesy. 


What you need: purple or green balloons, all black or all white clothes, hot glue gun, leaves (real or fake), bobby pins.

1. Blow up the balloons to be all different sizes.

2. Glue them to your clothes sporadically and taper them down as you make your way down your body.

3. Bobby pin the leaves to your hair. Don't have hair? Stick them behind your ears.

Bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

What you need: balloons of assorted colors, clear garbage bag, tape, printer, string, all black or all white clothes, scissors

1. Blow up all of the balloons.

2. Print and cut out the Jelly Belly logo.

3. Step into the garbage bag upside down in order to puncture holes for your legs and arms. Fill the bag up with the balloons and tie it loosely with a string around your neck (like the top of a gift bag).

4. Tape the Jelly Belly logo to the front of the "bag".

Deviled Egg

What you need: 2 large poster boards, devil costume accessories, yellow paint, scissors, string, tape, large bowl, single hole punch.

1. Overlap the poster boards and cut out an oval egg-like avocado-ish shape. 

2. Flip the large bowl upside down in the middle of one of the cut outs and trace the circle.

3. Paint the circle in with the yellow paint and set it aside to dry.

4. Punch 2 holes at the smaller side of the egg cut-out. Measure and cut the string so that it is long enough for both sides of the egg to lay comfortably on your front and back. Pull the string through the holes and tie a knot.

5. Put all of your accessories on and head to the party confident that you'll be one of the most devilish characters there. 

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