Tin Roof Cantina Now Accepts Split

We are excited to announce that you can now use Split at Tin Roof Cantina. Tin Roof is known for its great food, cheap drinks, and friendly atmosphere. Everyone gets treated like a regular from the moment they walk through the door. They have live music almost every night and tons of fun activities from Keno and trivia to ping pong and washers, there is never a dull moment at Tin Roof.

What we recommend:

  • Tots with their Blowtorch sauce - "Somehow they make the tots perfectly crisp and adding the heat of the Blowtorch sauce takes them to another level." - Jimmy, Co-Founder
  • Guacamole Loco - "Why get the regular guac when you could get a little crazy? Plus, theirs is freshly made. " - Randy, Co-Founder
  • Giancarlo Wings - "It's this mix of cilantro, garlic, and spice that no other wing I've encountered has been able to match. " - Daniel, Co-Founder
  • Chicken fajita - "Who can resist that trail of smoke and flavorful aroma once it comes out of the kitchen?" - Deana, Marketing and Public Relations Director
  •  Loaded chicken nachos - "You have to sub the queso cheese for their standard nacho cheese - it makes all the difference." - Matthew, Co-Founder
Download Split
Tin Roof Cantina 2591 Briarcliff Road Atlanta, GA 30329