Spotlight On: Running with Tweezers

We heard from the creative mastermind behind food blog Running With Tweezers, food stylist Tami Hardeman. Voted Atlanta Journal Constitution's Best Blog in Atlanta, Running With Tweezers is a beautiful display of Tami's own recipes and combinations written in a way that will have you rushing to replicate them for yourself.

Name (and nickname if you have one): 

Tami Hardeman. No official nickname - some folks call me T. I also get "You're Running With Tweezers!" a lot. 


Born in Chicago, IL but currently live in Madison, Georgia.


Professional food stylist

How did you get started?

I was a fashion stylist for several years before I discovered food styling. I was on a shoot with a food stylist and my mind was blown - even being in the industry, I had no idea that was someone's job. I was fascinated by it and ended up re-starting my career and assisting to learn how to style food.

What is your favorite part of being a food stylist?

It's tough for me to choose the best part of my job. I get to help make pictures, I get to work with great people, I get to work with food every day. How do I pick just one part of it?!

With food pictures taking over Instagram, it seems like everyone wishes that they have your job. What advice do you have for all of those amateur food stylists out there?

Practice, practice, practice. Even if you make an easy dish at home and shoot it with your phone, hands-on work is the one true way to hone your craft. If you're more interested in taking photos of food you eat out at restaurants, feel free to share but be courteous of your dining companions and your fellow diners. This is not the time to break out a pair of tweezers or stand on the chair.

What is one of the biggest obstacle that you face as a food stylist?

I think the biggest challenge is that no two days are the same. Even if it's a food you're used to working with the lighting, the temperature, the location may be different which affects how the food behaves. It's exciting to do something  new every day though. I grow with every job I do.

What is your favorite part of dining out?

When you cook for a living it's really special to eat our and have someone just cook something for you.

What is the best meal you have ever eaten?

My sweet husband took me to Eleven Madison Park in NYC for my 35th birthday. It was an epic meal, I hate that word but it's suitable here, that I'll never forget.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Vietnamese food of any sort.

What is your favorite Atlanta restaurant or bar?

Lately, Ive been swooning of Le Fat. The food is so good and the interior is just swoon-worthy. I also think BoccaLupo is incredible. Bacchanalia has long been a favorite of mine, as well.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

This is probably a total food person cliche, but I'd have to say Anthony Bourdain.

The breakfast of this champion is...

Either crusty bread with avocado, salt, and lemon or cottage cheese with a spoonful of homemade jam on it. Cottage cheese get a really bad rap.

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