Spotlight on: Hungry Girls Do It Better

We got the chance to hang with the fun girls behind Hungry Girls Do It Better, ask them a few questions, and of course, grab a bite. 

What is one word to describe Hungry Girls Do It Better:



If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

We both said pizza at the exact same time so yeah, it's gotta be pizza.


What is the one thing that you would never want to eat again?

Fish sticks and anchovies. No explanation needed.


Tell us about the best meal that you have ever eaten.

Our first time eating at Barcelona was a dining surprise for us that we didn't see coming. After a crazy work week, and right before Christmas vacation, we really treated ourselves and ordered almost every tapa on the menu. Nothing let down and plates were being passed around all night so, it was truly a bonding experience that has made it to one of our all time favorite spots. The 3 bottles of wine didn't hurt the moment either.


What is your favorite Atlanta bar?

Our favorite bar is Bar Almalfi, where the atmosphere makes you feel like your sipping our cocktails right off the Almafi Coast. Of course, once we found out that Antico pizza would deliver to the bar side things got real and the drinks were flowing all night long.


What restaurant openings are you most looking forward to this Fall?

We are really looking forward to the opening of American Cut and Bar Margo that's opening in the Four Seasons. We usually don't like hotel restaurants but we'll make an exception since it's a Ford Fry restaurant.


If you could go out to eat with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Mindy Kaling, because she's our role model and definitely one of the hungriest girls around.



What is your signature drink?

French 75- made with gin, lemon, and prosecco. We feel sophisticated while drinking it and you know we love those bubbles.


What is your favorite part of dining out?

That oh-so exciting moment when you see a plate come out of the kitchen and you know it's yours.


What factors do you look for when you are picking a restaurant for a group of friends?

A fun atmosphere, great service, and yummy drinks. And it's a bonus when they offer Split!


What is your favorite Split feature and why?

Our favorite Split feature would have to be how we don't have to wait for the checks to come after the meal. We can just roll on out when we're done!


The breakfasts of these champions are...

Anything and everything from Joy Cafe. You can't go wrong with their family-run business that serves up meals that are made with so much love.


Split is a mobile app for diners and bar-goers that allows them to pre-order takeout and view, pay, and split their tabs from their smartphones; allowing them to dine on their own time.
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