Inside look at Vin 25

vin 25 and split

Tucked on a quiet neighborhood street in Roswell, Vin 25 seems like a secret oasis Roswellites keep to themselves. I can’t blame them. It was a warm spring day when I visited Vin 25, the kind you relish, knowing that they are few and far between in Hotlanta. Although Vin 25 has a beautiful display of wines and dark wood inside, everyone was on the patio.

As the name suggests, Vin 25 is a wine bar. Their selection of wines by the glass is quite impressive and all patrons had wine on their tables this balmy spring evening. However, their cocktail list was mighty intriguing as well. My refreshing vodka cocktail was the perfect way to kick off this happy hour.

vin 25 and split

Though Vin 25 doesn’t have a huge menu, what they do have, they execute well. Ordering two small plates to share, we thought we’d see where that took us, opting to share the scallops if we were still hungry after the appetizers. A starter of lamb meatballs paired nicely with the red we’d moved on to after our cocktails. Kudos to our server for being able to recommend a tasty wine to compliment our first dish.

vin 25 and split

A second plate, the flatbread of the day, was full of lump crab and arugula. We ate it more like a salad, scooping the topping onto our plates. Besides being a bit tricky to eat, it was quite tasty.

Our server couldn’t have been more friendly or helpful in guiding us in our choices and when it came time to pay, it was effortless thanks to the Split mobile app. Easy payment and no calculating the tip. I’m looking forward to a return visit to try one of the handful of entrees. And bonus, if we do get a few chilly nights before summer is in full swing Vin 25 has got a fire pit too.

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Writer Bio: Malika Bowling is a writer for Atlanta Restaurant Blog and author of Food Lovers' Guide to Atlanta.



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