Netflix & Cheers

It's cold out and there are new releases on Netflix, which means you have every excuse to stay in for the whole month! So, live your dream, order-in and get drunk on your couch with these new Netflix releases and our choice of drink pairings.

Degrassi: New Generation

New on January 15th

We are blessed to live in the world we live in, a world in which our most loyal campanion, Netflix, has brought back Degrassi with a whole new cast  for a whole new age. Our early-aught selves are screaming inside. Go ahead and plan your sick day because it's about to go down. Pair this lovely teenage angst with something else from your youth - Malibu Rum - we recommend a Hard Fruit Punch.

Chelsea Does

New on January 23rd

Chelsea Handler, our Queen of Comedy, is back and doesn't have to abide by network cable rules anymore! Yay! Apparently, this new show is going to a more "serious" endeavor, as Handler left E! because she was sick of talking shit about celebrities. Instead, she wants to talk shit about the real stuff like... well, we'll just have to wait and find out. Pair this with vodka. Just vodka.

House of Wax

New on January 1st

Watch Paris Hilton die in this hilarious horror flick from 2005. 'Nuff said. Pair this with something as American as Paris. We suggest a PBR.


Writer Bio: Tommy Dorfman is an actor and writer based in New Year. He also owns a dog, Dabbs, who is much more famous and cuter than he.

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