Inside Look at Marlow's Tavern

Marlow’s is not your ordinary Pub. The upscale establishment features better than your average pub fare in a friendly atmosphere. What’s incredible is that Marlow’s has managed to expand their footprint across the Atlanta area over the last several years, but has been able to do so without tarnishing their reputation. Sometimes when restaurants expand too fast, they lose the uniqueness. Marlow’s maintains high quality standards and keep their patrons coming back. And surprisingly, they are able to be a fun spot for a wide range of demographics with families, after work crowd, and others patronizing them.

They’ve got a pleasing list of both cocktails and some good craft beers to wet your whistle. There really is something pleasing for everyone at Marlow’s. Choose from salads, a variety of burgers, seafood and steak. One of my favorite entrees to get is the Shrimp and Grits. Marlow’s serves theirs with white Grit Cakes piled high and, Spinach, Roma Tomato, Shallot, and a Beurre Blanc sauce. It is rich and creamy, with just a hint of spice.

Marlow's Tavern Firecracker Shrimp

Me? I tend to stick to the appetizers and small plates, making my meal from those offerings. You can’t go wrong with the hummus platter. Served with veggies and pita, it’s a healthy and delicious dish. The creamy hummus is sure to be a crowd pleaser; everyone loves hummus and it works for vegetarians, low carb and gluten-free eaters (when you avoid the pita).

I also love Marlow’s Firecracker Shrimp, served with a creamy dipping sauce. The sweet, spicy, and crispy shrimp are one of my favorite menu items. The batter is just right, not overpowering the perfectly cooked shrimp and the serving size is perfect for a light meal. Don’t forget about the Truffle Parmesan Fries either with fresh parmesan sprinkled on top – quite addictive!

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Malika Bowling

Writer Bio: Malika Bowling is a writer for Atlanta Restaurant Blog and author of Food Lovers' Guide to Atlanta.



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