Eat, Drink, Give with Split and Open Hand Atlanta

On September 23, to kick-start our Eat, Drink, Give initiative the Split team took the opportunity to lend a hand to Open Hand Atlanta. Open Hand was founded in 1988 to provide meals to individuals affected and disenfranchised by HIV/AIDS. Subsequently, their mission has expanded to meet the growing needs of the community and Open Hand now serves friends and neighbors living with or disabled by chronic disease, homebound seniors, and at-risk youth and families.


On this day, the Split team was put to work in the packing department. Our job was to pack, organize, and label the meals. We made our best impression of a Henry Ford assembly line and began our mission. The day started off a bit slow as we adjusted to trading in our laptops for hairnets, plastic gloves, and aprons. But, after about 15 minutes, and with the help of Mark, a 16 year vet of Open Hand, we came together and were able to assemble more than 1400 meals that were then distributed to over 700 households the next day. The work was tiring but energizing and uplifting at the same time. It was a great way to spend the afternoon as a team and it will definitely be on Split's list of quarterly projects in the future. It’s amazing to think of how much good you can do just in 4 hours, and it truly puts the time spent googling or watching tv into perspective. Thank you Open Hand for all of the amazing work that you all do everyday.

All Split users are giving back to the Atlanta community as well. A portion of every dollar that is paid through Split is sent directly to Open Hand Atlanta. So keep Splitting! 


More on Open Hand Atlanta:

Open Hand Atlanta is fortunate to have 16,000 annual volunteers who help them serve over 5,000 meals every day. Superstar chefs like Kevin Rathbun and Gerry Klaskala have helped raise nearly $1.5 million to support Open Hand's community nutrition programs and Elton John recently delivered their 25,000th meal. They will serve over 1.7 million healthy meals across 19 Georgia counties this year alone. Open Hand is now one of the nation's largest community-based providers of home-delivered meals and nutrition education. 91% of Open Hand clients have indicated that they no longer worry about where their next healthy meal is coming from. 91 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to provide nutrition services to their clients. Since Open Hand prides themselves on providing the most nutritious meals to their clients their typical weeky grocery bill exceeds over $70k, allowing just $25 per month to provide fresh ingredients for 180 healthy meals. To learn more about Open Hand Atlanta visit:

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