5 Unforgettable Faces From Collision Conference 2015

The Split Team had an amazing time in Vegas but as you all know after three long days and long Vegas nights, everything can start to become a bit foggy. Here is a list of 5 faces that you aren't going to forget any time soon.

#5: The Guitar Man

Starting our countdown out with a strum, this product stood out all on it’s own. Bohemian Guitars takes unique materials and creates great pieces that any musician or collector can enjoy. The best part? They are from Atlanta as well! We look forward to seeing and hearing them grow in Atlanta with us.


#4: Best Dressed in Vegas

Number 4 goes to the freshest dressed at the show. The guys from Comb came to make a statement and they brought the color with them. Rocking three of the boldest suits that you will ever see they pitched, exhibited, and socialized. Here is one of our sharpest dressed, Jimmy Patel, hanging with one of theirs, James Cownley.


#3: Bird Guy

Coming in at number 3 is “the Bird-man”. Whose dedication to his hot head hat could not be over looked. He strolled through the booths and events with out a care as the heat piled on and the cards got handed out. Unfortunately, for him he met his match when he found our own, Deana Panza, on the Beer pong table on night two.


#2: The Gambler

Coming in at number 2 is this sharp dressed gentleman with Qzzr, setting the new Las Vegas record for most blackjack hands dealt. He made it his duty to make sure you and everyone else at the conference had the chance to play cards even while away from the casino. To that we say well played sir…Well played. 


#1: The Collision Staff

Number one on our countdown goes to the entire Collision staff who wore that champion yellow and worked tirelessly to make the convention a huge success! Thanks for the time and effort Split can’t wait untill next year.