Atlanta's Top Pet Friendly Restaurants

The air is fresh and the streets are once again full of joggers, bikers and dog walkers out for some warm-weather adventure.  If you get the urge to join in all the outdoor fun, and want to bring your canine amigo along, there's one important question to ask yourself:  Where should I go?   Because the season of outdoor fun is officially open, we put together a list of dog-friendly restaurants.

Barcelona Wine Bar - A Split Dog Family Restaurant

Barcelona wine bar & restaurant

Inman Park

Barcelona Wine Bar brings a taste of Spain and is often full of residents and visitors alike, giving it a communal yet exotic vibe.  This delicious cuisine includes adventurous dishes like Paella Mariscos with prawns, clams, mussels and squid and is served in large, sharable plates.  The outdoor patio is built of beautiful brick and holds a fireplace as its center piece.  There is also seating outside the front of the diner for guests who want a more casual “dropping in” experience.

Victory Sandwich Bar - A Split Dog Friendly Restaurant

Victory Sandwich Bar

Decatur & INMAN PARK

Victory is an extremely cool, laid-back and hip restaurant that serves some of the best sandwiches in America according to Bon Appetite and Southern Living.  One such legendary sandwich is called the Han Cholo and comes with chorizo, cotija cheese and tomatillo salsa.  As can be seen in the fun assortment of photos on their website, there is an enormous amount of seating room on the outdoor patio, giving it the vibe of a backyard barbecue with friends.  There's plenty of space for pets to run and play while their owners eat and visit with friends.

Tavernpointe - A Split Dog Friendly Restaurant



With a casual atmosphere and many cold drink options, Tavernpointe is perfect for outings in the warm sunshine.  Opening in the summer of 2015, Chef Drew Van Leuvan leads a menu with food that is well-crafted and presented casually and comfortably.  The selections of refreshing beverages include a diverse wine selection, classic cocktails, house made jerk sodas, a 16 tap draft system, and a special cocktail only available for Split users.  Tavernpointe hits the spot when you and your pooch want to hangout in the sun or shade for a nice meal and drink options.

Bellwoods Social House - A Split Dog Friendly Restaurant

Bellwoods social house


This spot features a clean, modern design with elements of rustic cabin wood.  With a menu best described as “New American”, this recently-opened restaurant is lead by Chef Leif Johnson and puts a progressive spin on its cuisine and culture.  The dishes are made up of an eclectic mixture of Asian, Latin and East Coast favorites that are creatively woven together.  With a street-level patio, as well as an open rooftop deck, Bellwoods Social House offers a fun, accepting atmosphere and plenty of outdoor seating for you and your furry friend.

Buckhead Saloon - A Split Dog Friendly Restaurant.

Buckhead Saloon


Buckhead Saloon is what appears to be a modern adult playground with frosty brews and endless entertainment.  With a collection of large, hi-def big screens and a high-energy environment, this saloon has plenty of fun stuff to go around.  It's famous for its dance parties and late night NJ sets, but the outdoor patio brings just as much fun, noise, and live music Thursday through Sunday.  Go have a blast while enjoying the warm and fresh air, and of course, bring your dog along for the shenanigans!

Lucky's Burger & Brew - A Split Dog Friendly Restaurant

Lucky's Burger & Brew

Emory Village

I don’t think it gets any more dog friendly than Lucky’s, a favorite for local dog owners. It offers an exceptionally dog-friendly atmosphere with its patio.  The brand itself is built around a mascot of a dog, Lucky, so you know it was inspired by a the idea of a local dog hangout and grub hub.  It's important to note that dogs aren't inside and near the kitchen, where delicious, hand-crafted burgers are prepared with a great selection of cold brews.  There are four locations around Atlanta, making this place by far the best and most accessible dog bar and grill in the city.

Virginia Highlands - A Split Dog Friendly Restaurant

Cafe Highlands

Virginia Highlands

Chef and restaurateur Stephen McGuffin opened this neighborhood bar and grill after two decades of restaurant experience, including French fine dining and Southern comfort food.  Cafe Highlands offers a progressive take on classic Southern fare.  With a delicious weekend brunch that serves unique dishes like Ox Tail hash with fried eggs and chimichurri. With an open outdoor patio, this cafe creates an approachable environment for outdoor lovers with filling food for the soul.  McGuffin says on his website, “My goal is to become a neighborhood staple where guests can easily drop in any time of day for a simple yet satisfying meal.”

Park Tavern - A Split Dog Friendly Restaurant

Park Tavern

Piedmont Park

Park Tavern is the perfect spot to take your pup before or after hitting the Peidmont Park Dog Park or the Beltline. The menu includes a wide variety from sushi to burgers and tacos so there is sure to be somethign to please everyone.

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