Watch Ford Fry Develop His New Chick-fil-A Item

Atlanta's own fine dining juggernaut and restaurateur Ford Fry has recently teamed up with Chick-fil-A to transform the way we see fast food forever.  Though many fast food chains have jumped on the health food bandwagon for a few years now, at least trying to offer healthier alternatives like apple slice sides and run-of-the-mill salads, Chick-fil-A has gone one step further in its attempt to bring a healthy option with loads of flavor.

In September of 2014, chef Ford Fry was presented with a challenge.  How does one introduce a dish that is both extremely healthy and delicious but can be made quickly.  Though Chick-fil-A is well known for having one of the best chicken sandwiches out there, the owners wanted a menu option that could satisfy those customers who are watching their weight or just trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  The trick is, the option needed to be prepared in time for those drive-through customers who need food on the go.

Fresh and simple was the key to this challenge, as Fry says that he was blown away that each Chick-fil-A store cut its own lettuce.  He goes on to explain that pre-cut lettuce that other fast food restaurants often use has some sort of solution on it (I imagine in an attempt to keep it fresh).  This little factor seemed to inspire his final creation, which was launched in January of this year: a kale and long stem broccoli salad with dried cherries, nuts and a maple-based salad dressing to sweeten things up.

It's well-known that kale and broccoli are some of the best veggies out there, filled with vitamins, minerals, potassium and even protein-- these veggies are considered the most nutrient dense in the world!  This isn't the average side salad, this is a super salad.  Though kale has a naturally bitter flavor to it, the maple dressing and cherries complement this veggie combination to make it far more delicious while jam-packed with nutrients.  Another added benefit from this maple salad dressing is that it is not oil based, meaning it doesn't add any fat to the salad.

“Chick-fil-A and I approach food really in the same way,” says Fry.  “We don't necessarily take it too seriously.  It's about good food; it's about the experience; it's about putting smiles on peoples faces.”


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