The Brunch Bill, Fight For Your Right To Sunday Funday

There's been a recent petition, backed by the Georgia Restaurant Association, that is grabbing Georgians by storm. It is asking lawmakers to allow alcohol to be served at restaurants starting at 10:30, instead of it’s current time, 12:30.  Though it may seem controversial at first glance, there are a few reasons why you should support this idea.

Right now, places like Georgia World Congress Center, Lake Lanier Islands and many other private country clubs are allowed to serve their guests and patrons at 10:30 in the morning.  This means that it's already happening in many parts of Georgia, and no one seems to be batting an eye.  Why not allow everyone else to join in on the fun of a mid-morning drink?

There are certainly many benefits that could come to this fine state economically from a change in this law.  There are already so many restaurants around areas like Atlanta who serve an outstanding brunch and have a great drink selection.  If visitors were allowed to purchase these drinks, morning sales would skyrocket on Sundays.  Some estimates even place the amount of money these restaurants could make at $25,000 extra a year!  With roughly 4,000 Georgia businesses that could benefit from this, that equals $100 million in additional revenue for the state.

With so much extra money that would be generated, more restaurants could hire a lot more people, meaning job growth for the state.  It's funny how a mere two-hour difference could have such an incredible economic impact.  Everyone from college students to experienced chefs and bartenders would benefit.

After all, this is America, and Americans and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, like macaroni and cheese-- you could even say we go together like drinking and brunch!  In a free society, beer should be more than allowed at 10:30 a.m; it should be welcomed with open arms.

So, if fighting for your right to Sunday Fun-day-- or at least to have a round or two for brunch-- sounds like something that's up your alley, then sign the petition and let your voice be heard here: Brunch Bill Petition.


Writer Bio: Jared Rigsby is a writer and graphic designer with a BA in Writing/Literature from Middle Tennessee State University.  A longtime freelancer, he is published monthly through Dish Magazine ( and develops logos and websites through

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