Hugo's Oyster Bar Now Accepts Split

We are thrilled to announce that Hugo's Oyster Bar is now accepting Split. Hugo's is known for having a seasonal and ever-changing menu mixed with a casual and fun atmosphere. It features only seafood that is native to the waters from the Outer Banks to the Mississippi Delta, truly capturing the flavors and feel of the Coastal American South. Seafood isn’t everything to love at Hugo’s. Try classic New Orleans sandwiches like po’ boys, debris and muffulettas; salads drawing inspiration from around the South, steaks, snacks and classic Deep South and Cajun desserts.

The classic white-brick building in the heart of Roswell recalls a time when the South’s urban spaces were small, low-slung and hand-built. Best of all, Hugo’s features live music 1-2 nights each week and with genres ranging from classic country and bluegrass to New Orleans-style jazz.

"We are excited about the partnership because we want to give our guests the best experience possible. We feel that there is no better way to do that than to let them leave when they are ready with Split." - Hugo's Oyster Bar owner, Rich Clark

What we recommend:

  •  Grilled Salmon Plate - "The combination of the fire grilled taste paired with the spicy roasted corn sauce just worked." - Randy, Co-Founder
  • Fried mac and cheese - "Creamy goodness just oozes out once you break the crispy fried shell around it." - Jimmy, Co-Founder
  •  Hugo's oysters - "They are chargrilled to perfection with a little spice from the jalapeño to top them off." - Daniel, Co-Founder
  •  Blackened Mahi Tacos - "Whatever is in their white sauce and mango pico de gallo combine to make these some of the best tacos I have ever eaten." - Deana, Marketing and Public Relations Director
  • Raw oysters - "They are the freshest in Atlanta, they don't need anything but hot sauce." - Matthew, Co-Founder
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Hugo's Oyster Bar 10360 Alpharetta St. Roswell, GA 30075