Split Star Award

Servers and bartenders work hard to give their customers a happy and enjoyable experience every single day. Sadly, when they go above and beyond their call of duty it usually gets overlooked. They are not recognized for the generous and over-the-top things they do anymore. Some people show their gratitude with a large tip, but others just overlook it as the norm. Split is honored to be able to recognize servers and bartenders that go out of their way for their customers day after day.

We are excited to announce our Split Star Award program. One server or bartender will be selected every month from a different Split location. The winner will be chosen based on recommendations from you and based on their Split rating for that month. Each winner will receive $50 and get a write up on our blog. We would love to hear your stories about servers and bartenders that have truly improved your experience and gave a Star performance.

Nominate your Split Star here: payandsplit.com/staraward

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