What to do with 20 Minutes of Wait time

Don't waste time waiting. Here is a list of things that can be accomplished in 20 minutes! 

1.Take a nap

20 minute naps will leave you refreshed and energized. Surprisingly, these are the most effective kind of naps. 

2. Build a fire

It smells nice, warms you up, and looks pretty - what could be better? 

3. Fry a chicken

We all know that fried chicken is the best chicken. So take 20 minutes and try out your fryer. 

4. Take a shower

Hygiene is probably the most important lesson that you learn in school. No one wants to be the smelly kid in class - or at work.

5. Watch half of a college basketball game

Doesn't matter if it is the first half or the second half. You can watch one or the other in a 20 minute time span. We suggest the second half.

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Images from: http://giphy.com