What to do with 10 minutes of wait time

With all of this time that you are saving saving using Split, we know you are getting a little bored. Here are 5 things that you can do within a 10 minute time period. And don't forget to keep saving time by #fwaiting.

 1. Cook 5 hot pockets

Well, who doesn't love hot pockets? You can have 5 within 10 minutes, so why not?


2. Set up a game of Risk/Catan

You might not have time to play the game. But you can definitely get all the pieces set up in 10 minutes! 


3. Donate blood

Do a good deed today. It only takes 10 minutes! 


4. Make a tray of jello shots

Jello + Alcohol = the best pairing. Efficient and yummy. 


5. Decorate a gingerbread house

Even if it isn't Christmas, a Gingerbread House only takes 10 minutes to decorate! 

Images from: http://giphy.com