Split Launches in Atlanta


Split today announced the launch of our restaurant application, allowing diners to pre-order takeout, pay bills and split checks – all from the touch of their smartphones.  Split’s Atlanta-based founders created the app as a mobile solution to reduce customer wait times in restaurants. 

“Split enables diners to take back control of their time when dining in and ordering takeout, which is critical since we’re all short on time,” said Daniel Dorfman, Split co-founder. “Through crowdsourcing, we found that diners not using Split are spending an average of 10 minutes waiting in line or closing out their bills – that adds up to 34 hours a year for a diner that goes out just four times per week,” said Dorfman. “We saw an opportunity, with the help of the community, to end this problem.”

In conjunction with the app’s launch this week, we are encouraging the Atlanta community to participate in their diner-led movement to end waiting at restaurants. Diners can join Split’s Fight Waiting movement by downloading the app and logging their wait times. “We’re enlisting the help of our community to end excessive waiting when dining out,” said Matthew Suber, Split co-founder. “With enough support, we believe that we can give customers control of their time and improve the overall restaurant experience.”

For restaurants, Split’s beta user data indicates that average gratuities paid through Split are above industry averages, at 23 percent, and restaurants using the app are turning tables 10 times faster, on average. The app also facilitates faster checkout at quick-service restaurants. “With 65 percent of my business taking place at lunch, getting customers through the line is essential,” said Parimal Patel, Atlanta-area Subway and Five Guys franchise owner. “Split enables my customers to pre-order, which allows us to serve more people during our peak times.”