Top 4 stops on the Atlanta StreetCar

For too long Atlanta has been a city plagued by bad public transportation and no way to skip around town with out waiting in traffic. The Atlanta Street Car is trying to end this stigma by giving you a way to travel around the downtown area in one great ride. Here are some of the great, not-so-common attractions, watering holes, and fun times that await you while you're on the route. 

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

As soon as you step foot into the Curb Market, you will be instantly taken a back by the smells of fresh baked goods, sounds of butchers at work, and the over all energy given off by both shopper and worker. It’s many venders and people make it a can’t miss stop while traveling in the city for the day. 

oakland cemetery

If you are looking for something a little off of the beaten path, look no further than the Oakland Cemetery. It is one of the largest in the Southeast and is home to some of the most historic figures in Atlanta’s history, names like Maynard Jackson, Bobby Jones, and Margaret Mitchell. Along with a long line of history, the cemetery keeps a calendar loaded with great events and tours. 

Noni's deli

Non's Deli is known for its late nights and dancing but, what it should be known for is it’s spaghetti and meatballs. This amazing dish is one of the most well hidden secrets in the city and is sure to fill you up after a long day. 


sky lounge

You are not going to find a better view of downtown then in the Sky Lounge located on the roof top of the Glenn Hotel and nothing goes better with a view than a tasty cocktail. They often even have live music for an added bonus.