Waiting too long to pay when dining out can easily make you forget the amazing meal you just had. You aren’t alone and this is a very common scenario - especially at peak times. On those busy Friday and Saturday nights at your favorite spot, diners often wait more than 15 minutes to pay a bill. To put that into perspective, Americans that eat out at least once a week at full-service restaurants collectively spend millions of hours weekly just waiting to pay their bill. With the recent advent in mobile technology, we have grown accustomed to lightning-fast results while having everything at our fingertips, yet why are we still so tolerant and patient when it comes to paying at the end of a meal?

Most managers and owners consider the payment experience an insignificant part of the whole dining experience. Yet, a recent study highlighted that 20% of all consumer complaints stemmed from a poor payment experience. That means that one out of every five dissatisfied customers are so frustrated with the payment experience that it takes away from everything that goes well during the dining experience: atmosphere, food, and service.

The time it takes to pay your bill dramatically increases when you are in a group – one could argue that Georgia Tech’s calculus class is easier than figuring out your portion of the bill.

Once you exhaust all mathematical possibilities of how to divvy up the bill, the fun really begins. Who is paying with credit card? Who is paying with cash? The most important question is “who needs to pay and how much?” We all have one or two friends that always seem to order the most but only pay for water... This can put a strain on any friendship and turn a pleasant evening into an awkward social situation.

Split has been known to save a few group dinners, brunches, and friendships along the way. With Split, you can view and pay your bill directly from your smartphone and never wait on the server again. If you are in a large group, simply tap on items you ordered and hit pay. 

We have been live in Atlanta at select locations for a few months and are helping restaurant-goers like you end the wait. You can join the fight against waiting by downloading Split - join now or wait forever. If you are at a restaurant that doesn’t have Split, you can join the movement by giving us a few details about your night out. Split is trying to end this frustration, remove any social awkwardness among friends at restaurants, and most importantly, give you back control of your time.

Join the fight here: #FWAITING