Atlanta's Top 6 Spicy Dishes

With the growing number of ethnic cuisines in Atlanta, more and more people are developing a higher tolerance for the oh-so-delicious heat. I’ve included a hotness rating of 1-5 skulls for reference, where a 3 is about the spice level of Sriracha hot sauce or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I figure everyone has tasted one or the other at some point in their lives. Be sure you have plenty of tissues on hand when you try the congestion-fighting eats below if you haven’t already.


Crawfish Boil ☠☠

The spices used in the crawfish boil are amazing. It’s rich with lots of flavor from a combination of spices and the loads of shrimp and crawfish. The shrimp aren’t as absorbent of the broth so if you want maximum flavor, I’d recommend eating the crawfish. Don’t be afraid to get the most of each crawfish by sucking all the juices, here’s a tutorial:


Shrimp in Green Curry ☠☠

My favorite dish is the Shrimp in Green Curry, but here’s the thing - I order it extra spicy. Server asks, “You want it Thai hot?”. Yes, please. Without this special request, it’s about a 3 on the Hotness scale, but it’s definitely a 5 when requesting Thai hot. Other dishes can be requested Thai hot, so feel free to take your favorite Thai dish and amp it up.


Lamb Vindaloo ☠☠

This is a hidden gem for those of you who live in Brookhaven/Dunwoody/Chamblee. Similar to Mali, you can customize the spice level to your liking. When I tell them to crank it up, I’m completely maxed out, but I enjoy every bite because it is absolutely delicious. They are also VERY reasonably priced and have a wonderful lunch special that includes appetizers and dessert. Come hungry.


Jerk Ribs ☠☠

Jerk seasoning has been played down by so many restaurants - but you won’t find a dummy version of jerk here. Order any of the jerk dishes (chicken, wings, ribs) and then it’s up to you how much of the delicious jerk sauce you want to add to your plate. I usually make sure my rice and cabbage are well seasoned with the jerk. Can’t get enough of it. You can find these guys at the Atlanta Food Truck Park or other food truck events around town.


Blowtorch Wings ☠☠

I crave wings regularly and nothing’s worst than eating wings that are flavorless. Tin Roof’s Blowtorch gives you the best of flavor and heat. Though they pack a punch, they are edible and enjoyable! Definitely not at the level of spiciness as the above mentioned “702 Sauce”.


Tofu Soup

This place serves piping hot tofu soup with whatever ingredients you choose, along with a gazillion other things to eat on the side, known as “banchan”. When you pick what ingredients you want they ask you how spicy you want the soup. I tend to go for “Very Spicy” - savory broth with great heat. Absolutely delicious.

*all images from yelp
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