Collision Conference: Split goes to Vegas

The Split team packed up and flew to Vegas, but not to the Vegas that’s portrayed in the epic bachelor party movie, The Hangover. Just a 10 minute drive from the strip, some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs came to “collide" with the coolest kids in tech at Collision Conference held in Downtown Las Vegas.

Split was one of the early stage startups selected to exhibit in the Collide Program. We were thrilled. The energy of fellow entrepreneurs shedding their blood, sweat, and tears to turn their vision into a reality was just what we needed to amp us up for our team's next big milestone. We were inspired, to say the least.

For two days, the number of sessions that were held were both exhilarating and daunting. How do we make the most of the wealth of info in such a short amount of time? As a team, we did our best to cover a lot of ground, so here are just a few of the highlights:

Session Name: Leveraging People


- Debra Aho Williamson - Emarketer - Principal Analyst - Social Media

-Curtis Hougland - Attention - Founder & CEO

- Laura P. Thomas - Dell - Chief Blogger

Our takeaway: Don’t be afraid to get negative feedback - (sh)it happens.


Session Name: Big Brand Transformation


- Andy Markowitz - Global Digital Strategy Director, GE

- Lara Balazs - SVP, Visa

- Alex Kantrowitz - Reporter, Advertising Age

Our takeaway: Though big brands got big by VERY different means, they are keeping it fresh by significantly shifting their budgets toward social channels.

Session Name: Visual Search Gets Real


- Ambarish Mitra - CEO & Founder, Blippar

- Robert Scoble - Futurist, Rackspace

Our takeaway: Puppies always win people’s attention. True statement, but that’s not all. Blippar allows you to scan static, physical objects to “unlock” content-rich, interactive experiences. For us at Collision Conference, they scanned a puppy. Wow.

Overall the event was grounded in a hunger for innovation and intelligent business and design. Upon our return to Atlanta, we were physically tired, yet recharged with inspiration to continue our fight against unnecessary wait times. Onward and upward.