Top 4 Blogs for Holiday Inspiration

The holiday season is here and it's time to stop thinking of all of the gifts we haven’t gotten and shift our attention to the yummy holiday treats that we will devour. No matter what your denomination, the winter months are filled with joyous moments that are shared with friends and family over good food and great décor. This is also the time of year that we begin to rummage through old cook books and new blogs trying to find that special something that will help us create some great delicacies. The web is filled with various food bloggers who share their experimental or traditional holiday cuisines with the willing but we are making your search a bit easier by listing some of the top food blogs to follow this holiday season, sprinkled with a lot of kitchen inspiration.


Whether you are looking for sweet nothings or savory delights, Not Without Salt is the food blog to go to. The blog’s simple layout is delightful and appeals to both the senses of taste and sight. Turn leftovers into amazing spreads and create a yummy trifle with candy canes and white chocolates. This blog takes you on a mind-blowing food tour that will help you whip up tasty eggnog or a ginger peach rum punch, whenever you please.


Chasing Delicious is a holistic food blog that brings in both the how to and the what, of some mouthwatering recipes. Choose from a large spread of holiday recipes that range from savory, to baked goods, and of course some yummy cocktails. Don’t miss out on this exquisitely laid out and detailed food blog this holiday season.


These days lots of people are opting in or are forced into (depending on who you are talking to) healthier options due to food restrictions, allergies, or health choices. If you or a family member are one of these people don’t get discouraged that you can’t have that piece of cake because the Gluten-free Girl has you covered. She even has a few tasty bread recipes under her sleeve.


Holidays are no fun without cookies, cakes and other sweets. That’s why we have added Heather Baird the lady behind Sprinkle Bakes to make sure that you get your fill. Make sure to try some of these unique sweets and don’t forget to share.

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